Blockchain spending worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to grow from 4 5 billion u s dollars in 2020 to an estimated 19 hellip.

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According to blockchain facts the average amount of bitcoin mined daily is 900 since the last bitcoin halving occurred in may 2020 the reward of each confirmed block has reduced to 6 25 bitcoins now if 144 blocks are mined daily on an average and the prize is 6 25 bitcoin for each block we have that 144 blocks day x 6 25 bitcoins per block 900 bitcoins day.

Asia times cnbc statista it seems that mobile blockchain is on its way statistics show that the number of mobile phone users will hit 7 billion in 2021 which is a huge attractive market for blockchain innovators.

The world is predicted to spend up to 15 9 billion in blockchain related tech by 2023 source statista global spending on blockchain related tech was 1 5 billion in 2018 it rsquo s predicted to grow even further as more industries look to integrate blockchain features into their infrastructure 35 in 2020 tokens raised only 20 million in sales.

So without any further ado let rsquo s buckle up and get onto the ride to the ube r facts and statistics world 1 uber rsquo s net annual revenue count in 2020 reached 11 1 3 billion as per uber statistics 2020 21 it generated 11 1 billion in 2020 a 21 decrease due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down its operations for most of the year.

Interesting startup statistics the united states is the leading country by the number of startups 63 703 7 1 of the startups in the world operate in the fintech financial technology industry the highest valued private startup in the world is bytedance from china 75 billion over 69 of startup companies started as home businesses only 40 of startups are hellip.

1 linkedin user statistics linkedin boasts over 756 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide linkedin 2021 although these figures seem considerably low compared to the likes of instagram with over 1 billion users and facebook at 2 85 billion users the numbers are quite impressive noting that linkedin targets a specific hellip.

In the first three quarters of 2018 both blockchain and cryptocurrency focused startups have raised close to 3 9 billion in venture capital which is up 280 compared to 2017 diar research has shown that successful fintech startups will focus on data driven iteration and continuous user testing rather than using new technology.

Statista the us gun industry is having a good pandemic with americans buying handguns in record numbers research shows that in october 2020 around one million handguns were sold marking a 65 increase compared to the same period in 2019 gun sales statistics also reveal a spike in handgun sales in june 2020 when 1 511 710 items were sold.