Aloo keema is a iconic pakistani north indian dish consisting of curried minced or ground meat keema and potatoes aloo keema curry or qeema can be made with any meat but pakistani versions typically use beef here rsquo s a beef curry roundup if hellip.

Pakistani beef and lamb recipes dum ka pasanday pakistan eats this traditional recipe for masala rubbed roast beef from kauser ahmeds cookbook the karachi kitchen has been adapted for the slow cooker its an incredibly tender and flavorful dish that derives its rich flavor from a complex spice blend.

Kadai beef is a delicious spicy flavorful dish made with onions tomatoes ginger garlic fresh ground spices known as kadai masala beef tikka masala 14 95.

How to add potatoes to beef kofta curry add the cubed potatoes toward the last 20 25 minutes depending on how large they are cut along with a bit of extra water cover and allow to simmer along with the koftas keema matar ground beef peas curry or aloo keema ground beef potato curry if you try this recipe.

Flan aux fruits secs et a la banane in 11 minutes hello everybody i hope you rsquo re having an amazing day today today i will show you a way to make a special dish flan aux fruits secs et a la banane.

Keema is a stew that is usually prepared as a curry with ingredients such as minced lamb or goat meat green peas potatoes ginger chili onions ghee garlic and garam masala spices the name of the dish means minced meat in urdu.

Keema aloo ground beef and potatoes prep 20 mins cook 55 mins additional 5 mins total 1 hr 20 mins servings 8 yield 8 servings number of ingredients 17.

Although we may not be able to travel to every country in the world especially these days we can still experience different food cultures by tasting the most popular signature dishes and staple ingredients of each country the popularity of food changes over the years from fondue in the 1960s and quiche in the 1970s over molten chocolate cake and focaccia in hellip.