Crispy roasted okra baked okra is so good it is perfect as a unique starter snack or for a summer barbeque and no crispy roasted okra is not slimy one bit an african recipe from recipes hellip.

Add chicken and cook until browned 2 to 4 minutes per side transfer the chicken to the insert of a large slow cooker hand crush tomatoes into the slow cooker and add any remaining liquid from the can add onion rosemary broth sausage okra celery peppers rice sage garlic thyme and salt in the insert of the slow cooker.

Pair chicken and sausage to make some absolutely delicious and robust one dish meals that are guaranteed to be family pleasers hearty satisfying and so tasty these zesty meals offer a break from the bland and boring and let you dive into incredible flavor territory from classic jambalaya to pizzas pastas and soups these hearty meals are sure to become favorites.

Chicken cakes with creole sauce recipe think of crab cakes but with chopped cooked chicken breast instead of crabmeat when youre watching your pennies this is a great choice the quick and easy creole sauce is made with light mayo yogurt creole mustard and a hellip.

These parmesan breaded air fryer chicken tenders turn out deliciously golden and crispy outside and tender and juicy inside every time they cook up in just minutes so you can serve with air fryer frozen french fries and this 5 minute yum yum sauce for quick and easy kid approved lunch fuss free dinner or after school snack post includes weight watchers points.

Inspired by cracker barrels apple cider bbq chicken breast id just been apple picking and wanted to bake something new with the bounty i decided on apple chicken by throwing them in the slow cooker with some barbecue sauce the dish fills my whole house with the most delicious smell mdash caitlyn hauser brookline new hampshire.

We might make the potentially sacrilegious assertion that man and woman can live on bacon alone hellip but with these delectable bacon wrapped recipes why would we want to bacon dresses up the humble chicken breast it makes eating greens the most anticipated event of the evening last minute unwelcome dinner guest.

The spruce this simple meat dish comes together in as little as 35 minutes using any ground meat you prefer chicken lamb pork goat and beef all work well a flavorful blend of garlic onion ginger and spices like garam masala all give it a lovely fragrance and a little spice.