Onigiri also known as japanese rice ball is a great example of how inventive japanese cuisine can be it is also a japanese comfort food made from steamed rice formed into the typical triangular ball or cylinder shapes and usually wrapped with nori dried seaweed what is onigiri omusubi.

A favorite at izakaya restaurants yaki onigiri are japanese grilled rice balls covered in savory soy sauce with a crispy crust on the outside and soft sticky rice on the inside these rice balls are simply irresistible and easy to make hellip.

Japanese rice balls also known as onigiri or omusubi are a staple of japanese lunch boxes bento they are usually shaped into rounds or triangles by hand and theyre fun to make and eat much like sandwiches in the west onigiri is readily available in convenience stores across japan and its great for a quick and easy savory snack.

In celebration of onigiri day we compare rice balls from three different convenience stores japan railways recently revealed ramen style rice balls in its convenience stores which japanese convenience store sells the best fried chicken around japan in 47 rice balls mr sato buys each prefecture rsquo s musubi all from one tokyo shop.

What is onigiri also known as o musubi or nigirimeshi onigiri are japanese rice ball snacks made from cooked or steamed sushi rice furikake seasonings and sometimes tasty hidden fillings wrapped a nori seaweed wrapper in japan they rsquo re either made at home in the morning or purchased from a nearby kombini convenience store then taken to work or school hellip.

Her palatable portfolio includes onigiri versions of ukiyo e characters beethoven and even leon from leon the professional check out some of onigiri gekij rsquo s culinary creations below and find more in instagram a japanese artist known as onigiri gekij creates super cute characters from rice and other ingredients.

Onigiri or japanese rice balls are rice triangles wrapped in seaweed with usually savory fillings often eaten as a fast meal or portable snack in japan you can get them anywhere you look from packaged at convenience stores to handmade at grocery stores and even specialty mom and pop onigiri shops.

One of this store rsquo s strong points is its array of onigiri rice balls for only 100 yen 0 87 each ndash much cheaper than the average convenience store this could very well make for a really good meal of food and alcohol for about 1 000 yen 8 75 known as a ldquo senbereo rdquo in japanese so let rsquo s see how mr sato fared with his purchases.

Compared to the rice porridge of some other countries okayu is much thicker due to the water to rice ratio for instance where cantonese style congee is made with 1 part rice to 10 or 12 parts water okayu uses 1 part rice with just 5 parts water keeping this ratio in mind its easy to decrease or increase the amount of okayu you make at one time.

Onigiri japanese rice balls onigiri is hands down my favorite japanese appetizer these rice balls are to die for no matter the shape ndash triangular or oval ndash i don rsquo t care i rsquo ll eat them i rsquo ll eat them all onigiri is usually filled with salted salmon or pickled plums and wrapped in nori but it rsquo s perfectly delicious even without it.

Oniguy is a japanese snack bar that specializes in rice balls the onigiri is a popular dish that is stuffed with salmon pork beef or tofu.

This compact onigiri heater is the perfect tool for quickly heating up your rice balls especially while camping even better it has a usb power cable so you can run it hellip.