This chicken recipe is slow cooked baked in the oven for delicious fall off the bone tender chicken legs that are covered with bbq sauce for an absolute delight you can make this very easy homemade barbecue sauce adapted from culinary author hellip.

This sticky chicken drumsticks recipe bridges that gap between budget friendly and family pleasing it rsquo s so easy to prepare with just a handful of ingredients that smother chicken drumsticks in a bbq glaze these drumsticks are then baked until golden brown with a zesty sticky crisp outer crust and a moist and juicy interior perfect alongside baked mac and cheese.

Slow cooker bbq chicken drumsticks i love a good bbq dish but with a busy schedule and a little one running around making it to our favorite bbq joint isn rsquo t always possible thankfully when i rsquo m craving my weakness bbq chicken drumsticks i can make them any time of year without ever having to leave the house.

Chicken breasts chicken stuffing mix celery water chicken broth and 2 more gourmet easy and crazy good dutch oven chicken marbella adventure journal dried oregano capers olive oil red wine vinegar dry white wine and 7 more.

This is an effortless way to cook some chicken drumsticks in the oven with 5 minute prep time to make this incredible sauce you can rsquo t go wrong not to mention it rsquo s unbelievably easy this korean bbq chicken combines all those perfect flavors with a nice toasty note from sesame oil and some sweetness thanks to honey.

Bake the chicken drumsticks uncovered for about 45 minutes or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees fahrenheit served garnished with scallions optional cooking chicken legs in the oven is easy season the chicken place on a baking dish and bake.

Skip the seasoning and brush with your favorite bbq sauce the last 5 minutes to make great oven baked bbq drumsticks how long to bake there are three variables the chicken leg size oven temperature and the desired internal temperature im aiming for 185 deg see next section so at 425 deg for about 35 minutes.

Pour the bbq sauce over the chicken and let it marinate while the oven heats now put the chicken on a baking sheet skin side down after 25 mins turn the chicken over and baste with more bbq sauce then another 25 mins later youll baste it once more before a quick broil thats it bbq baked chicken in 4 simple steps.

Oven baked chicken recipes make life easier without sacrificing our favorite southern flavors simply throw together your go to ingredients and let the oven do the work learning how to bake chicken in the oven doesn rsquo t have to be complicated there are so many options while chicken breast recipes are great we tend to go for the unexpected choice.

Crispy oven baked chicken legs on a vintage corelle butterfly gold plate crispy oven baked chicken legs tips tricks buy chicken legs that have good skin on them make sure that the chicken skin looks clean not ripped not discolored and basically appear like it would hold the homemade shake and bake perfectly.

Keto fried chicken breading for the breading of the keto fried chicken were going to use crushed pork rinds and a combination of spices thyme sea salt pepper oregano garlic powder and smoked paprika if you dont like pork rinds dont worry thats not what this recipe tastes like at all but its critical for getting that perfect southern fried chicken coating.