Yogurt is not a necessity when preparing overnight oats soaking oats rehires your favorite liquid tasty mix ins and crunchy toppings to garnish with no matter what base you select there are delicious combinations for you to finish with let rsquo s discuss a few tips to make the best tasting overnight oats without adding yogurt.

Steel cut oats are oat groats that have been sliced into smaller pieces whereas old fashioned oats are oat groats that have been flattened they all contain the same pieces and parts but the difference between slicing and flattening explains why steel cut oats take longer to cook around 30 minutes.

Overnight oats now that the weather is warm almost every weekday morning after the gym my breakfast routine is either this overnight oatmeal avocado toast hard boiled eggs a green smoothie or a bowl of berries topped with some crunchy granola nuts and chia seeds with a little almond milk overnight oatmeal is very popular some people add greek hellip.

These overnight oats are a healthy make ahead breakfast with 9 flavor variations plus a keto version they are super easy to make and perfect for busy mornings simple to customize with your favorite flavors from almond joy apple cinnamon banana nut blueberry carrot cake peanut butter jelly pumpkin strawberry and keto overnight oatmeal.

If using sweetened yogurt ndash you can skip the additional maple syrup since a flavored yogurt usually adds enough sweetness flavored yogurt is also a great way to change up the taste of your overnight oats try blueberry strawberry or vanilla yogurt how to make overnight oats add ingredients to a mason jar.

Save steel cut and quick cooking oats for another time milk you can make overnight oats with any kind of milk mdash dairy or non dairy if using non dairy milk it rsquo s best to stick with unsweetened greek yogurt not only does greek yogurt make overnight oats more filling but it also gives the oats a super creamy texture to make the oats.

You can add vegan yogurt protein powders ground flax seeds and endless combinations and quantities of fruits spices and nut butters these overnight oats can be made with steel cut oats.